Had a Heart Wobbling Night with Billy Joel

Had a heart wobbling night with Billy Joel last Monday night at a majestic 90-year-old intimate theatre.

It was a majestic evening filled with Billy’s wonder, wisdom and humor.

He serenaded 800 St. Pete College students and invited guests with his beautiful voice, told compelling stories, answered questions about the music industry and life while singing songs both old and new.

He came to us via Ruth Eckerd Hall’s amazing Friends of Music Education Outreach Program to teach, guide, and inspire us in this unforgettable two and half hour intimate interactive performance.

Lucky audience members were given the opportunity to ask Billy about anything. No holds barred. Some fans seemed as if they were waiting their entire life to ask him a question and this forum allowed that exchange to become a beautiful memory for all of us to enjoy forever.

Billy is doing more of these “Questions and answers and a little Music” events in towns across the country. If you’re lucky enough to get to go when he comes to your city here are some guidelines to follow should you get the opportunity to ask a question.

Here are a few guidelines to honoring talent and also your fellow audience members.

  1. If you have the opportunity to ask a question, ask only one. Others so want to ask their question and if you ask two, you rob the person that has been practicing their question all day long from being able to participate due to time constraints.
  2. If you ask for a song request make sure the song belongs to the artist…and that it hasn’t been performed  already.
  3. Make sure you turn off your phone. Check it at least 3 times. The ring and frantic plunder with your  pocket book while the artist is in a beautiful slow song or heartfelt story is embarrassing and distracting to your seat mates.

I checked my phone three times and must have accidentally turned it on the third time. Murphy’s Law. That phone — when ringing in your purse — at church, a concert, or funeral will be impossible to excavate and turn off.

It hides so well and enjoys your frantic search as it rings on and on… it’s truly not the performance or music that anyone came to see or hear. I deserved each and every stink eye that was thrown my way.

So remember we want to shine in and out of our elements.

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2 Responses to “Had a Heart Wobbling Night with Billy Joel”
  1. Wow, that’s amazing, Billy Joel right there with you and answering any and all questions; fantastic! I would have loved to have that opportunity. And yes, being fair, only ask one question… at least until everyone else seems to be questioned out, then maybe slip in that final one. :-)

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